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What is the best spatula for cast iron?

I didn't know either.  So I made one.  Perhaps the most masochistic thing I could have done to myself in my mid-30's is decide to spend too much time thinking about you in the kitchen instead of having a cup of coffee and scrolling Instagram before schlepping to my day job.  And making one out of titanium.  Well, because it's the best.

This may change, but my purpose in writing this is going to be partly as therapy in the lonely game of starting something new.  And primarily to educate future customers on why Dryad Cookery is what it is and worth considering over spending ten bucks on a fish turner spatula that can be on your doorstep tomorrow.

I'm sure I'll flesh this out in the future, but asking myself the question "what is the best spatula for cast iron?" was purely for my own sake at first.  I forgot my spatula camping.  I only use cast iron.  I decided to make one when I got home.  Not exactly Shark Tank emotionalism, but that is the origin story in a nutshell.

Also, I am a middle class window cleaner by day.  Money is always an object.  But I also abide by the "buy once, cry once" mentality.  Shout out Reddit BIFL.    Especially on things I use every day.  That is why the rabbit hole of best utensil material led me to titanium.  More on that later.  

For now, gentle reader, I'll leave you with this.  Angles, curves, material, and weight mattered in the countless prototypes I cut on out in my garage.  Stay tuned and I'll flesh out why.